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Lash Extensions

The Best Lashes: Lash Extensions and Tinting Services

If you want the best lashes possible, you know that it can't be achieved simply by wearing more mascara. Getting lash extensions is a great way to extend the lashes and make them look longer and fuller. Trained professionals can safely extend your lashes to give you a semi-permanent new look. Using false lashes does not compare to the amazing look of lash extensions. While false lashes are applied all at once with a long strip of lashes, extensions are put on one at a time for a more personalized look that appears far more natural. They are there to enhance the look of your lashes, not to overpower them. Once they have been attached, they will last from about six weeks up to two months. These lashes will feel like your own and will require very little maintenance to keep them looking lovely for a long time.

Tinting services are another way to make your lashes stand out. Both the lashes and the eyebrows can be tinted to make them more noticeable and balanced on your face. Many women use thick mascara to try to darken their lashes and use eyebrow pencils to fill in the color of their brows. However, with tinting services, you are ready to wake up and go without fussing over your brows and lashes. We can define your brow and contour it so that it has just the right shape for your eyes and the rest of your face. We can also tint your lashes so that they are darker and frame your eyes better. Tinting your lashes and brows gives you a deeper, more defined color that will last as long as six weeks. Not only will your brows and lashes look great, but they will also save you a lot of time each morning.

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