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Brazilian Waxing

Bikini Waxing for Every Time of Year

The Brazilian wax is considered to be a bikini wax that has been enhanced to allow the customer to wear the skimpiest possible bikinis. Brazilian waxing takes off a lot of the hair in the pubic region, but it doesn't remove it all. A small amount is left, and that hair can fit nicely inside the bikini bottom. Brazilian waxing got its name from its origins in Brazil, the first place to do this larger-area hair removal. The process requires the removal of any hair from the region which could be seen when wearing a small bikini. A powder is put on the skin first to protect it. Then, the area is covered with hot wax. The wax is then given time to cool down and harden. Then, the wax is pulled away from the skin, and the hair in the area is pulled off with it. If any stray hairs are left behind, they are plucked away with tweezers.

A regular bikini wax will remove less hair than a Brazilian wax. With this type, it's typical to remove just the sides of the public hair to make it fit better into a bikini. Bikini waxing is done very similarly to a Brazilian wax. The same basic technique is usually used, although, with a bikini wax, the wax that is applied to the hair may be hot or cold. Hot wax will harden as it cools, and cool wax is ultra sticky and traps hairs much like hot wax does. Bikini waxing also removes the hair at the bikini line, the area of the inner thigh that may have hair on it, especially occasional stray hairs. A bikini wax isn't just for wearing bikinis, however. For women who want to wear small lingerie, it's a close wax that leaves the area clean and smooth and ready to be noticed.

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